Flowers are the central attraction of an anniversary. But somehow, we all end up giving the same type of flowers every year. Did you know you could also gift symbolic flowers at each stage of your anniversary? Convey your feelings perfectly with the right kind of flowers. Anniversaries are proof that your relationship is immortal.

First Year:

Choose carnation for the first year of your anniversary – at this point, you are still considered newlyweds. Express your love and affection with deep red carnations.

Second Year:

The second anniversary should be spent with cosmos flowers, which are generally essential in summer gardens. These are all about acceptance and harmony. It signifies peace in a relationship while fortifying commitment, love and understanding.

Fifth Year:

Your life is now routine and settled after five years of marriage. But surprises are still aplenty in your relationship. Choose the simple daisy flower that comes with a unique structure. The flowers represent forever love.

Tenth Year:

Lovely memories would have passed by through the first decade of marriage. Daffodils are perfect – these small flowers form a sunny bouquet when bunched up. They symbolise sustenance in your long relationship.

Twentieth Year:

Two decades of marriage is a great milestone. Celebrate it with aster, the star-shaped flower that represents love and faith. Get a mix of white and pink as a symbol of sensitivity and purity.

Twenty-Fifth Year:

That’s a long haul! This kind of commitment deserves a unique flower such as the iris. The high-spirited iris represents strength, love and togetherness with absolute pride. It also means that the couple has stood with each other through all thick and thin, to create a quarter of a century of memories.

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