For most of us, living sustainably is a way of life. We are always on the lookout for zero-wastage products that don’t harm the environment in any way. Bring a green change into someone’s day-to-day life by presenting environment-friendly gifts to your loved one. With this, both the gift giver and the receiver, are taking small steps towards a greener tomorrow.

Plants and Flowers

The primary givers of green plants are one of the most lively and environment-friendly options when it comes to gifting. There are a wide variety of air-purifying flowering plants, herbs, money plants, bonsais, bamboos, etc., available on Vend Gifts. You can also choose a range of colourful flowers and roses available on our portal. Nothing can be more enamouring than a bouquet.

Eco-Friendly Office Essentials

A complete pack of environment-friendly office essentials can be gifted made from glass, bamboo, and other eco-friendly materials that can make a great giveaway. You can even have the pen case (for instance) made of bamboo, the cover of the notebook made of coir and a glass bottle with a cork or bamboo cap. Throw in a multipurpose jute bag, and you have the entire office kit ready.

Glass Jars

Initiate the idea of sustainable gifting with glass recyclable material in the form of a jar. These are elegant, cute and come with a variety of usages. Store various things or make lamps, etc., as these last for very long periods.


What can be more eco-friendly and utility-oriented than a mug? Speak to Vend Gifts to print some of the best messages on the coffee mug. It is also one of the most preferable online gifts for all types of receivers.

Pens and notebooks

Forever useful, pens and notebooks are great gifts for eco-conscious people. A book wrapped in fabric and a cork-lined pen, are both classy and elegant. Gift it to kids to bring about a positive change and environmental awareness in them.

Vend Gifts brings some of the most eco-friendly and sustainable gift options for everyone.