While choosing the best gift for your loved ones is important, it is equally enjoyable when you present it in a unique way. Present with creativity to add the elements of surprise and adventure. Turn gift-giving into a great experience with a gift reveal show for the receiver. Here are some fun ways to reveal your gifts to that special individual.

The Hunt

Don’t give the gift to the receiver directly. Instead, organise a hunting game. Make chits containing clues that will eventually lead the recipient to the present. Ensure that the clues form a trail so that the surprise, excitement and adventure are all built up in the gift finding game.

Delivery Person

Choose the most unlikely person to deliver the gift to the receiver. Random people can come up and present it at equal time intervals. You can throw in a small note if you so wish at every juncture. The person delivering the gift may also not have to say much except maybe something like - ‘looks like this is for you’.


The receiver can stumble upon the gift at an unexpected time. Choose a time and keep the present in the most improbable of places, such as the refrigerator. For instance, get a beautiful cake from Vend Gifts and place it in the refrigerator strategically, so that your loved one can discover it.

Unwrapping fun

This one can be a really quirky surprise. One of the most surprising parts of receiving a gift is unwrapping it. Make the unwrapping fun. Place the gift in a large box and place multiple inner boxes. Thereafter, wrap it all up nicely. The puzzle will be thrilling for the receiver.

A little bit of effort to make the presentation unique can make the gift even more special. Vend Gifts provides midnight deliveries. Use our online portal to book your gift, to be presented at the most unusual of times. Vend Gifts will also wrap your presents for you.