Gardens and greenery are visually comforting. While it is a blessing, maintaining a garden can be overwhelming, especially in the UAE. The summers are harsh, and therefore, picking the right plant that can survive in extreme sunlight is imperative. Here are some desert-friendly plants that can thrive in your backyard without withering.


Propagated through tip cuttings the bougainvillaea is a popular plant that blooms in pink, magenta, purple, orange, yellow, red, and white clusters of three. A vibrant flowering plant, it makes a great addition to the garden. Vine-like and thorny, the plant grows up to 12 metres in height and is a good way to cover your walls and fences. It grows best in direct bright sunlight and dry soil.

Phoenix Dactylifera or the Date Palm

Amazingly familiar across the Middle East, the Date Palm species is indeed more than 50 million years old. 6% of the world’s date production comes from the UAE. Of course, to foster this, you will need a large garden because this can grow up to 23 metres in height and contains leaves spanning 4 to 6 metres in width. The Date Palm grows wonderfully in well-drained, deep sandy loam soils.

The Delonix Regia or Flame Tree

If you wish to have a splash of colours in your garden, then get the Flame Tree that flourishes even in extreme temperatures of the UAE. Requiring less water, the Flame Tree grows long 8 cm fiery, orange, and red petals. If kept dry, the flowers bloom very well. The flowering season begins in May and lasts up to July.

The Plumeria or Frangipani

A staple plant in the UAE, the Frangipani survives in direct sunlight and dry soil. It blooms fragrant Plumeria flowers several times a year that are also used to make perfumes. The plant is an excellent choice for compact terraces and gardens due to its deciduous nature.

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