Giving gifts is an art and definitely not an easy task. Not everyone who embarks on buying gifts is successful. You need to figure out everything, from buying the gift to choosing the best wrapping paper. Vend Gifts is always ready to help if you are looking for gifts to give your loved ones.

At the same time, mistakes happen. To err is human. That is why Vend Gifts brings you a list of things that you should NOT do when you are buying a gift.

Buying something that you have wanted to receive for a long time

This is one big mistake. Never buy a gift that only you like. People are individuals with different choices. If you have something that you needed for a long time, don’t gift it to another person.


Not a good practice we should say. There are certain etiquettes that you must follow when you give gifts. Regifting is incorrect – do not give gifts that you have received and give it away just because it is meant for someone else. It is best to do a little bit of hard work and figure out the best gift you can get for your loved ones.

Expensive gifts

A popular misconception is that expensive gifts make the receiver happy. Not necessarily. It is the intention of the gift – is what matters. The receiver is not necessarily thinking about the price of the gift.

Lack of personal touch

Add a personal touch to the gift makes a big difference. Just getting a random gift will not suffice. Sprinkle the gift with love or bake a cake with your own hands so that the receiver is in awe.

Not gifting coupons

Coupons are thoughtful gifts and absolutely acceptable. For people who are finicky about the gifts that they should receive, it is best to hand over a gift coupon to them from their favourite brand.

Surprise your loved ones with things other than just eatables and products. Book a candlelight dinner or a spa session to help them relax. These are gifts that will make the receiver truly happy. Speak to Vend Gifts to bring the best gifts to your doorstep.